Pearl millet for health and nutritional security

  • Ruchika Bhardwaj*, Manpreet Kaur, Meenakshi Goyal, RS Sohu and C T Satyavathi
Keywords: Pearl millet, grain yield, popping yield, quality traits.


Six genotypes of pearl millet viz., PHB 2168, PHB 2884, PHB 3053 (three hybrids) and PCB 164, PC 443, PC 334 (three composites), were analyzed for various agronomic and quality traits as well as popping potential. PHB 3053 registered maximum plant height followed by PC 334. Ear length was found maximum for PCB 164 followed by PHB 2884 and PHB 3053, whereas, ear girth was found maximum for PHB 3053 followed by PC 334. The grain yield was found maximum for PHB 2884 (18.91 q/ha) followed by PHB 3053 (18.89 q/ha). The maximum popping yield (0.63 g/50 g) and popping yield per cent (39.07%) was found in PC 443 followed by PAU composite PCB 164 (27.33%). Crude protein per cent was found higher in popped product than raw grains. PC 334 registered highest crude protein content. Crude fibre, ash and fat content were found lower in popped product than normal grains.
Research Note