Identification of contrasting genotypes for Fusarium wilt disease in Mucuna pruriens germplasm through combined in vitro screening and AFLP analysis

  • Mahesh, S and Sathyanarayana, N
Keywords: Mucuna pruriens var. utilis, Fusarium wilt, disease screening, AFLP, contrasting genotypes


Fifteen germplasm accessions identified on earlier field data were screened for Fusarium wilt resistance using in vitro culture
filtrate approach. Infection and disease assessment were carried out based on wilt incidence and percentage mortality of the
plants. Overall screening results revealed that 5 out of 15 accessions were moderate to highly resistant while 6 accessions were
highly susceptible to Fusarium wilt. The results were further supported by differences in root and shoot weight and length
amongst susceptible and resistant genotypes. Polymorphism analysis based on AFLP data revealed only a sub-set of these
divergent genotypes confirming to genetic divergence levels required for raising segregant population. Based on the results of
combined analyses, the genotypes 500108KA and IC471870, 500101KA and 500155AP have been recommended as suitable
parents for developing population for mapping Fusarium wilt resistance in Velvetbean.
Research Article