Genetic diversity among sunflower genotypes

  • R. Chandirakala* and N. Manivannan
Keywords: Sunflower, D2 statistics, genetic divergence.


Genetic divergence of 38 sunflower genotypes was assessed using Mahalanobis D2 statistics. These genotypes were grouped into 13 clusters, among which the cluster IX with 9 genotypes was the largest. This was followed by cluster X with 5 genotypes. Maximum inter cluster distance was recorded between cluster XII and XIII (39.58) followed by clusters II and XII (38.18). Hence hybridizing between these divergent groups may lead to higher variation in segregating population. Based on cluster means, the genotypes viz., GMU 463, GMU 475, GMU 498, GMU 1075 and GMU 1131-1 in the cluster X recorded highest seed yield per plant with high head diameter. The study revealed that the characters viz., 50% flowering followed by seed yield (35.00%) contributed more to the total genetic divergence in the genotypes. In this study, the genotypes viz., GMU 322, COSF3B and COSF4B in the cluster II, the genotypes viz., GMU 503, GMU 1074, GMU 1108 in the cluster XII and the genotype COSF1B in the cluster XIII are widely divergent and crosses may be effected among the genotypes of these clusters to get more heterosis among the hybrids.
Research Note