Canonical variate analysis in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

  • D.Shivani, Ch. Sreelakshmi and C.V. Sameer Kumar
Keywords: safflower, D2 analysis, Principal Component Analysis


Seventy five genotypes of safflower representing the broad spectrum of variation were assessed for genetic divergence for eight
characters using Mahalanobis D2 statistic and principal component analysis. The seed yield contributed maximum towards the
total genetic divergence followed by test weight and number of seeds per capitulam. On the basis of clustering method, twelve
clusters were obtained for D2 statistic. The best clusters with regard to seed yield and oil content were cluster XII and cluster II,
respectively. Principal component analysis identified three principal components which explained 83.02% variability. Genotypes
GMU 3470, GMU 3484, GMU 3499, A-1, JSF-1 and GMU 3475 (based on PCI axis) were divergent.
Research Note