Field screening of wheat genotypes against Karnal bunt caused by Neovossia indica (Mitra) Mund.

  • Shrvan Kumar, Dhanbir Singh and Vivek Kumar Pandey
Keywords: Wheat, Resistance, Karnal bunt, Genotypes


One hundred fifty genotypes of wheat were screened for Karnal bunt resistance under artificial inoculation condition in field during 2009-10 rabi seasons. Significant variability in the incidence of disease was observed among genotypes where the per cent disease incidence ranged from 0.2-63.1 at grains harvest stage. Out of one hundred fifty genotypes screened, 12 were rated as highly resistant, 6 as resistant, 6 as moderately resistant and rest as moderately susceptible to highly susceptible genotypes against Karnal bunt of wheat.
Research Note