Development of aerobic rice cultivars with reference to G x E interaction and Aerobic response index

  • A.K. Mall*, P. Swain, S. K. Pradhan, S. K. Dash and O. N. Singh
Keywords: G x E interaction, Aerobic response index (ARI), Aerobic rice


Twenty five genotypes were evaluated across the year, locations and two water regimes under aerobic vs. irrigated conditions from 2011 to 2012. The objectives of this research were to determine the importance of the genotype x environment interaction (G x E) using statistical parameters for yield and other quantitative characters. Joint regression was used to understand the importance of genotypes and their interaction. Genotype, environment and their interactions influenced significantly the phenotypes for all characteristics of genotypes. IR 79906-B-192-2-1 was identified as stable genotypes by Eberhart & Russell model. The IR 78875-131-B-1-4, IR 80312-6-B-2-B, IR 74371-3-1-1, IR 79899-B-179-2-3, IR 55419-04, IR 80021-B-86-3-4, IR 78878-53-2-2-4, IR 78877-181-B-1-2 and WR 3-2-6-1 were recorded lowest aerobic response index (ARI<1) for seed yield over the seasons. Based on the various parameters, the genotypes IR 74371-1-1, IR 80021-B-86-3-4 and IR 78875-131-B-1-4 may be exploited for commercial cultivation under different water regimes. The genotypes B-6144-F-MR-6-0-0 and IR 55423-01 yielded maximum across the location and water regimes, and even produced acceptable yield under aerobic condition and provided scope for further large scale evaluation at farmer’s field.
Research Article