Combining ability analysis for yield and some quality traits in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

  • Dinesh Kumar and S. A. Kerkhi
Keywords: Wheat, combining, ability, analysis, qualitytraits, geneaction, diallel analysis.


Combining ability analysis was studied in a 10 × 10 diallel cross of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). The analysis of variance for combining revealed that the variance due to gca and sca were highly significant for all the characters indicated that both the additive and non-additive gene actions were involved in the expression of the traits. The genotypes WH 1094, PBW 590 and PBW 373 were considered as the best general combiners, while hybrids DBW 58 x DBW 17, PBW 550 x PBW 373, MP 1236 x PBW 373, WH 1094 x PBW 590, PBW 590 x PBW 373, RAJ 3765 x HD 2687, PBW 590 x WH 711, MP 1236 x PBW 550, RAJ 3765 x DBW 58, HD 2687 x WH 711 and MP 1236 x WH 1094 as good specific combinations for grain yield and other yield contributing and quality traits. The promising parents namely PBW 373, PBW 590 and WH 1094 which are having high gca effects in desirable direction for yield components and for quality traits may be incorporated in crossing programme to have better genotypes for yield better and quality. The crosses PBW 550 x PBW 373, MP 1236 x PBW 373, WH 1094 x PBW 590, MP 1236 x PBW 550 and RAJ 3765 x DBW 58 which showed good sca effects for major yield and more than six yield components characters were also found superior for gluten content, ash content and showed low reaction of phenol on the grains, may be exploited for better yield and chapati quality either by exploiting them through heterosis breeding or involving them in multiple cross breeding programme for obtaining transgressive segregants and broad genetic base population in wheat for improvement in yield.
Research Article