Genotype x Environment interaction for yield and yield components in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

  • G.B.Chaudhari, M.R.Naik, S.A.Anarase and Y.G.Ban
Keywords: Sesame, GxE interaction, seed yield per plant, capsules per plant


A total of 50 hybrids developed by crossing five lines with ten testers were evaluated along with 15 parents and two checks at three different locations in south Gujarat for the assessment of stability in seed yield per plant and yield contributing traits. Three crosses viz.,G.Til-3 x AKT-101, Patan-64 x JLS-110-12 and G.Til-1 x JLT-7 along with five parents and one check G.Til-4 exhibited higher mean seed yield, unit regression (bi) and least deviation from regression (S2di) and therefore they were classified as stable with average response to environments. Five crosses expressed specific adaptability for favorable environments, while the hybrid G.Til-3 x JLS-110-12 showed specific adaptability to poor environments for seed yield per plant. The stable crosses maintained their yield advantage across environments by maintaining stable performance with respect to two or more important yield components.
Research Article