Provenances variation in growth traits of Aquilaria malaccansis Lam. suitable to south indian condition

  • M.B.Noor mohamed, K.T.Parthiban and R.Ravi
Keywords: Aquilaria malaccensis, Genetic variability, Correlation, Path analysis.


Aquilaria malaccensis Lam. is one of the important species to produce resin-impregnated heartwood that is fragrant and highly valuable and traded internationally. A field experiment was laid out in RBD by using plants raised from 22 provenances collection of Aquilaria malacanssis from 3 states of North-Eastern hill regions of India. The genotypes viz., MDLY, NHJA and KHOW-1 recorded significantly higher values than the rest of the genotypes. Genotypic coefficients of variability were less than phenotypic coefficient of variability. Maximum variability was observed for volume index (18.98) followed by number of branches (16.78). Collar diameter (2.465) was recorded as minimum GCV value. Volume index (21.35) was registered maximum PCV followed by number of branches (17.85). High heritability was observed for plant height (0.966) followed by number of branches (0.883) and volume index (0.790). Minimum genetic advance was estimated for collar diameter (2.284%) and maximum for volume index (34.75%). Plant height was significant and positively correlated with volume and collar diameter at phenotypic and genotypic level. Collar diameter showed positive and highly significant correlation with volume index. The path analysis indicated that plant height and collar diameter has maximum direct effect on volume index. This study reveals that selection of better plants with higher variability and other juvenile growth traits of Aquilaria malaccansis provenances is suitable to grow in South Indian condition. And also these characters shoud be used as selection criterion for further improvement of yield in Aquilaria malaccansis.
Research Article