Genetic diversity among some traditional aromatic Rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces of Chhattisgarh

  • Nirmala Bharti Patel, Rajeev Shrivastava , Vikas Kumar and Namrata Dhirhi
Keywords: Aromatic rice, Genetic divergence, D2 analysis, Cluster analysis


The nature and magnitude of genetic diversity in thirty eight aromatic rice accessions collected from different places of Chhattisgarh were evaluated for their performance. Data generated on nine quantitative characters were subjected to D2 statistics and result indicated the presence of appreciable amount of genetic diversity in the material. The 38 genotypes were grouped into five clusters. Cluster II was the biggest one consisting of eleven genotypes and cluster III, the smallest one consisting of four genotypes. The intra-cluster distance varied from 1.828 for cluster III to 2.338 for cluster I and the inter-cluster distance ranged from 2.534 between clusters IV and V to 4.765 between clusters III and V indicating closeness and diversity between the clusters respectively. The highest inter-cluster distance between clusters III and V revealed highly divergent group. Therefore, it is suggested that the parents should be chosen from clusters III and V for hybridization to get high grain yield.
Research Note