Genetic Diversity Studies under Moisture Stress Condition in Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

  • K. Sai Rekha, D. M. Reddy, K. H. P. Reddy, V. Raja Rajeswari, B. Roopesh Kumar Reddy and B.Ravindra Reddy
Keywords: Mungbean, D2 analysis, diversity.


Genetic divergence among thirty one mungbean genotypes grown under moisture stress condition induced during pod filling stage was estimated using Mahalanobi's D2 statistic and total of eleven clusters were obtained. Cluster I and cluster II contained the highest number of eight genotypes followed by cluster VII with six genotypes. The highest intra cluster distance was observed for cluster VIII (808.83) and the lowest was observed for cluster VII (354.57) and cluster III, cluster IV, cluster V, cluster VI, cluster IX, cluster X and cluster XI showed zero intra cluster distance. While the highest inter cluster distance was observed between cluster VII and cluster IX (7351.35). Days to maturity contributed maximum towards diversity. Cluster X recorded the highest mean for seed yield per plant followed by days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, 100 seed weight, SCMR and chlorophyll content. Therefore, it was concluded that more emphasis should be given on cluster X for selecting genotypes as parents for crossing with genotypes of other clusters which may produce new recombinants with desired traits
Research Note