Correlation and path analysis in Virginia groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

  • R. P. Gupta, J. H. Vachhani, V. H. Kachhadia, M. A. Vaddoria and H. R. Barad
Keywords: Groundnut, correlation, path analysis


Sixty diverse genotypes of Virginia groundnut were evaluated during kharif 2013 for genetic parameters viz., correlation and path analysis. The magnitudes of genotypic correlation coefficients were higher as compared to the corresponding phenotypic correlation coefficients. The pod yield per plant had highly significant and positive correlations at phenotypic levels with number of mature pods per plant, 100-pod weight, shelling out-turn, kernel yield per plant, biological yield per plant and harvest index. Path analysis revealed that the biological yield per plant and harvest index had high and positive direct effects on pod yield per plant.
Research Note