Impact of drought and detection of potential donors for reproductive stage tolerance in rice

  • Shafina Haque, A.Anandan, S.K.Pradhan, and O.N.Singh
Keywords: Rice, reproductive stage drought tolerance, harvest index, yield.


In present study, 48 drought tolerant lines along with two susceptible genotypes of upland and lowland rice ecologies were tested at Central Rice Research Institute during dry season of 2011 and 2012, to identify the reproductive stage drought tolerant lines and to exploit the genetic variations. In support of various estimates of morpho-physiological parameters, genotypes Nan Te Hao, Purbachi (Chinese 1), Saita, NSIC Rc 222, Binnatoha, CO18, Ai Jiao Nan Te, Brown Gora, Black Gora (NCS 12), Jhona 349, Kalakeri are adjudged as good donors for reproductive stage drought tolerance in rice.
Research Note