Correlation and path coefficient analysis among grain yield and kernel characters in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • Premkumar, R, Gnanamalar, R.P and C.R. Anandakumar
Keywords: Rice, correlation, pathcoefficient, kernel, yield


An investigation was carried out using 43 rice genotypes including 30 hybrids and 13 parents for grain yield and kernel characters to understand the association among yield components and their direct and indirect influence on the grain yield. Analysis of variance revealed considerable variability among the genotypes for all the characters. The correlation analysis indicated that grain yield was significantly associated with number of productive tillers per plant, kernel breadth, hundred grain weight and number of filled grains per panicle. Results of path-coefficient analysis revealed that days to 50% flowering had the highest positive direct effect on grain yield followed by panicle length, kernel L/B ratio, hulling percentage and number of productive tillers per plant. Hence, selection based on these traits could help to bring simultaneous improvement of yield, yield attributes and kernel characters.
Research Note