Evaluation of sugarcane clones for quantitative yield and quality characters in aicrp trials for early season

  • M.Shanmuganathan, K.Annadurai, R.Nageswari and M.Asokhan
Keywords: Sugarcane, early maturing, clones, cane yield, CCS yield, Brix%, Sucrose% and CCS%


Performance of eight early maturing sugarcane clones viz., Co 09002, Co 09003, Co 09004, Co 09005, Co 09006, Co 09007, CoN 09071 and CoN 09072 and three check varieties CoC 671, Co 94008 and Co 85004 was studied in initial varietal trial at Sugarcane Research Station, Sirugamani during 2012 – 13. The trials were laid out in randomized block design with three replications. Recommended cultural and agronomic practices were followed to raise the crops. Data were recorded for germination percentage, number of tillers, number of shoots, number of millable cane, stalk length (cm), stalk diameter (cm), single cane weight (kg), cane yield (t/ha), brix%, sucrose%, purity%, CCS%, extraction% and CCS (t/ha). On the basis of overall performance, two clones viz., Co 09004 and Co 09006 were found to be better for cane yield (138.96 and 136.61 t/ha) and CCS yield (18.70 and 18.67 t/ha) over the early maturing standard variety CoC 671 (131.51 t/ha and 17.74 t/ha). These clones could be tested for the confirmation of the results obtained on cane yield and sugar yield under varied agro climatic conditions for identification of best cultivar.
Research Note