Evaluation of quantitative traits of tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius l.) based on principal component analysis

  • Ashutosh Sawarkar , Sonika Yumnam , S.G. Patil and S. Mukherjee
Keywords: C. Olitorius, germplasm, principal component analysis, cluster analysis.


Thirty accessions of tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) were evaluated on the basis of principal component analysis to assess the contribution of quantitative traits in genetic variability. The principal component analysis showed that first four principal components explained 99.19% of the total variation. The contribution of plant height, bark thickness, base diameter, green weight and stick weight in the PC leads to the conclusion that these traits contribute more to the total variation observed in the thirty accessions of C. olitorius would make good parental stock material. The genotypes OEX 29, OIN 990, OIN 791, OIN 937 and OIN 533 were the most dispersed and diverse of all the accessions considered. High level of variability existing within the accessions and the characters will make room for further improvement of the cultivars in breeding programs.
Research Note