Yellow vein mosaic virus resistant hybrids in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) Moench)

  • K. Nirosha, P. Irene Vethamoni and V. A. Sathiyamurthy
Keywords: Okra, YVMV, resistance, parents, hybrids.


Seven parents and 42 hybrids of okra were screened for resistance/susceptibility to yellow vein mosaic virus. The parents P1 (AE 64 (White)), P2 (AE 64 (Pink)) and P4 (AE 65 (Pink) were found complete resistance to disease. The parents P3 (AE 65 (White)), P6 (AE 70 (White)) and P7 (AE 71 (White) were found tolerant to disease. The parent P5 (AE 66 (Pink) found susceptible to disease. 42 hybrids are obtained by crossing seven parents in diallel design. Twelve out of 42 hybrids did not show any symptom of YVMV and were P1 x P2, P1 x P3, P1 x P4, P1 x P5, P1 x P7, P2 x P1, P2 x P4, P4 x P1, P4 x P2, P4 x P3, P4 x P5 and P4 x P7. Eight hybrids viz., P2 x P3, P3 x P1, P3 x P2, P3 x P4, P4 x P6, P5 x P1, P6 x P4 and P7 x P4 were highly resistant to the YVMV disease with the incidence of 7.14, 3.57, 7.14, 7.14, 7.14, 3.57, 3.57 and 3.57 per cent respectively at 105 DAS.
Research Note