Evaluation of elite maize genotypes (Zea mays L.) for nutritional traits

  • Naresh Thakur, Reena Kumari, Jay Prakash, J.K.Sharma, Nageshwar Singh and S. Lata
Keywords: Maize, Kernel iron, Zinc, Carotenoid concentration


Micronutrients enrichment in the staple food crops is an utmost breeding goal to alleviate „hidden hunger‟. A set of forty eight maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes were evaluated for kernel iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn) and carotenoid concentration (β-carotene). The results revealed significant genetic variation among maize genotypes for Fe with values ranging from 22.59-41.03 mg/kg and a mean of 31.92 mg/kg. Whereas CM145 recorded highest kernel iron concentration (41.03 mg/kg) followed by CML193 (40.70 mg/kg) and KI-29 (39.75 mg/kg). For kernel Zn, range varied from 19.38-32.59 mg/kg with a mean of 24.80 mg/kg. The inbred CML169 recorded highest kernel Zn concentration (32.59 mg/kg) followed by CML193 (32.13 mg/kg) and CM152 (32.12 mg/kg). For kernel carotenoid range observed from 10.72-27.61 μg/g with a mean of 19.51 μg/g. The inbred CML162 recorded highest carotenoid concentration (27.09 μg/g) followed by Jaisinghpur Local (27.61 μg/g), BAJIM-06-01 (27.01 μg/g), Rato Makki2 (26.85 μg/g), LM-19-07 (26.57 μg/g) and BAJIM-08-26 (26.28 μg/g). These genotypes were identified as promising genotypes.
Research Note