Beta-glucan and Grain protein studies of oats (Avena sativa L.) under temperate conditions.

  • Mushtaq Ahmad, Gul Zaffar, Asifa Bukhari, S.D. Mir, S.H.Dar.
Keywords: Avena sativa L., correlation, beta-glucan, protein and grain yield.


The experimental material comprised of ten oats (Avena sativa L.) genotypes and their 45 F1 crosses evaluated for grain protein content, beta glucan % and grain yield (kg ha-1) . The highest grain protein content (10.75%) and beta glucan (8.56 %) were recorded for SKO-208, followed by SKO-209 and SKO-207. The highest grain yield (394 kg/ha) was recorded in SKO-208 followed by SKO-207 and SKO-209. The cross combination SKO-208 x SKO-213 recorded for the highest grain protein content (11.89 %). The cross combination SKO-208 x SKO-209 recorded the highest beta glucan (10.23 %) content while highest grain yield (43.22 kg ha-1) was observed in cross combination SKO-208 x SKO-209. The cross combinations SKO-204 x SKO-208, SKO-205 x SKO-209, SABZAAR x SKO-209, SKO-207 x SKO-208 and SKO-208 x SKO-213were observed desirable with respect to all parameters studied. Beta-glucan content was observed to have significant and positive genotypic correlation with grain protein and grain yield.
Research Note