Development of superior introgression lines for resistance to foliar diseases and productivity in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

  • S Ramesh Bhat UAS, Dharwad
Keywords: Groundnut, synthetic allotetraploids, introgression lines, late leaf spot and rust resistance, productivity and pod features, superior genotypes



Seventy eight introgression lines (ILs) from three populations (ICGS 76 × ISATGR 278-18, DH 86 × ISATGR 278-18 and DH 86 × ISATGR 5B) involving late leaf spot (LLS) and rust susceptible varieties (ICGS 76 and DH 86) and disease resistant synthetic allotetraploids (ISATGR 278-18 and ISATGR 5B) were screened for LLS and rust resistance and productivity traits. ILs showed considerable variability, high heritability and genetic advance over mean for disease resistance and productivity traits. In total, two lines superior to ICGS 76, and five lines superior to DH 86 were selected. Of the seven, three ILs were also superior over the national check variety, GPBD 4. The selected superior lines carried resistant allele at majority of the LLS and rust resistance-linked marker loci. These ILs with high level of resistance to LLS and rust, and high productivity can be considered for variety release trials or as donors in breeding programmes.

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S Ramesh Bhat, UAS, Dharwad
Ramesh S. BhatProfessor (Genetics and Plant Breeding)Department of BiotechnologyUniversity of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 580 005Tel: 91-836-2441053, email:
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