Development of late leaf spot and rust resistant back cross lines in JL 24 variety of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

  • Ramesh S Bhat UAS, Dharwad
  • Sharanabasappa B. Yeri UAS, Dharwad
Keywords: Groundnut, marker assisted backcross breeding, late leaf spot and rust resistance, productivity, superior backcross lines


A marker assisted backcross breeding (MABC) programme was undertaken in an elite but foliar disease susceptible variety of groundnut, JL 24 for developing backcross lines using the donor, GPDB 4 and late leaf spot and rust resistance-linked markers. Backcrossing and selfing resulted in the development of BC1F4, BC2F3 and BC3F3 generations. Evaluation of the backcross lines could identify JG4_81 and JG4_43 from BC1F4, and JG2-3_14 from BC2F3 as superior lines with disease resistance and productivity. A BC3F2 plant (JG_18) was homozygous at LLS and rust resistance-linked marker loci (IPAHM103, GM2301 and pPGPseq8D09) and 30 background markers loci. JG_18 had 87% background genome similarity with JL 24. When advanced to BC3F3, JG_18 showed resistance to both LLS and rust when compared to JL 24, while it was on par with JL 24 for the productivity traits. Currently, JG4_81, JG4_43, JG2-3_14 and JG_18 are under field evaluation for variety development.

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Ramesh S Bhat, UAS, Dharwad
Ramesh S. BhatProfessor (Genetics and Plant Breeding)Department of BiotechnologyUniversity of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 580 005Tel: 91-836-2441053, email:
Sharanabasappa B. Yeri, UAS, Dharwad
Department of BiotechnologyUniversity of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 580 005
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