Combining ability studies for seed yield and contributing characters of F1 and F2 generations in cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.].

  • C.A. Babariya, L.K. Dhaduk, M.H. Sapovadiya, P.A. Vavdiya, K.S. Mungra Junagadh Agricultural University
Keywords: Combining ability, F1 and F2 generation, Seed yield, Cowpea


Combining ability analysis was carried out in diallel model using ten genotypes viz., IT 389561, RC 101, Pusa Phalguni, KM 5, GC 1, GC 2, GC 4, GC 5, Pant Lobia 1 and Pant Lobia 2. The estimates of gca effects indicated that the parents, IT 389561 and RC 101 were observed to be the best general combiners for seed yield per plant along with branches per plant and number of pods per plant in both generations. The crosses, GC 2 x GC 5 had recorded significant sca effects in both F1 and F2 generations for seed yield per plant followed by IT 389561 x KM 5, IT 389561 x GC 4 and KM 5 x GC 5. The cross, GC 2 x GC 5 was also found to be best specific combiner for number of pods per cluster, number of pods per plant, number of seeds per pod and harvest index with high  per se performance for seed yield per plant. These crosses were considered very important to get good transgressive segregants and promising progenies for making use of them in future breeding programme.

Research Article