Heterosis studies for grain yield, fodder yield and their parameters in rabi sorghum hybrids (Sorghum biocolor (L.) Monech)

  • A.W. More, H.V. Kalpande, D.G. Ingole A.V. Nirde Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agril. University, Parbhani(Maharashtra)
Keywords: Sorghum, Heterosis, line x tester analysis.


The present investigation involved the assessment of heterosis for grain yield and yield attributing traits in rabi sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench.) hybrids by line x tester analysis. Parental material (three females and five males) was planted to undertake crossing programme following line x tester mating design and the seeds of fifteen hybrids were obtained. The experiment on line x tester was confined to fifteen hybrids with eight parents i.e. three female and five males and one check (SPV-1595) by taking ten yield contributing characters. The high heterotic effects and the highest per se performance for grain yield and its attributes were noted in the crosses Phule Anuradha x 10593 and Phule Anuradha x 10515. The hybrid M-35-1 x 10593, Phule Anuradha x 10593 have high mean and high heterosis for fodder yield and other important yield parameters. Testers 10515 and 10593 and crosses Phule Anuradha x 10515, Phule Anuradha x 10538 and M-35-1 x 10593 show higher chlorophyll content. The hybrids showing high per se mean and higher heterosis may be tested at multilocations to study their stability performance for yield and yield contributing traits. 

Author Biography

A.W. More, H.V. Kalpande, D.G. Ingole A.V. Nirde, Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agril. University, Parbhani(Maharashtra)

Genetics and Plant Breeding

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