Character association and path analysis studies for yield and its components in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Keywords: Pea, correlation, path analysis, pod yield


Twenty six varieties of pea were evaluated for morphological characters, yield and its components. Association analysis of various morphological traits through correlation and path coefficient analysis were carried out among the varieties. Statistically significant and positive correlation (genotypic and phenotypic) was observed for days to 50 per cent flowering, pod length, pod girth, number of seeds per pod, individual pod weight, individual seed weight, pod coat weight, number of pods per plant, 100 seed weight and pod yield per plant. Statistically significant negative correlation (genotypic and phenotypic) was registered for plant height, number of leaves, first node bearing tendril, number of tendrils at the terminal end, days to first flowering, plant height at flowering stage, number of branches at flowering stage, first node bearing pod, leaf area, number of pods per plant and shelling percentage. The genotypic and phenotypic path coefficient revealed that plant height, days to 50% flowering, pod girth, individual pod weight, individual seed weight, leaf area, number of pods per plant and shelling percentage had high direct positive effect. Therefore these characters should be considered as the selection criterion to improve the pod yield per plant.

Author Biography

B. Senthamizh Selvi, J. Rajangam, J. Suresh R. Muthuselvi, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Fruit Crops
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