Combining ability analysis for yield & yield components in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • Bineeta Devi and G. M. Lal G. M. Lal
Keywords: Rice, Line X tester, combining ability


A line x tester analysis was made in rice with seven female and three male parents to indentify suitable general and specific combiner for breeding programme. Dominant type of gene action for all the 16 characters namely days to 50% flowering, plant height, tiller per plant, panicles per plant, flag leaf length, flag  leaf width, panicle length, spikelets per panicle, days to maturity, biological yield per plant, test weight, harvest index, seed yield per plant hulling %, milling % and head rice recovery% was observed. Parents ML-10-29VL and TMO7280 were found as good general combiners for seed yield per plant and most of the yield traits. The cross combinations IR77629-72XIR64, BASMATI370 X CR2703 and sonam X NDR1118 were the best specific combiners for seed yield per plant. Hence these three cross combinations may be used for exploitation of heterosis for yield and yield contributing traits in rice.

Research Article