Combining ability for quantitative traits in Barnyard millet (Echinochloa frumentaceae (Roxb.) Link)

  • V.G.Renganathan, S. M. Ibrahim C. Vanniarajan
Keywords: Barnyard millet, Combining ability.


In Barnyard millet, combining ability for yield and yield attributing characters were studied through Line x Tester mating design using six lines and four testers. Combining ability analysis exhibited high sca effects for all the traits studied indicating the predominant role of non-additive gene action. The lines CO 2 and ACM 110 and the testers ACM 12 and PMK 331 had recorded high per se performance and gca values for yield and most of the yield contributing characters studied. The cross combination CO 2 x ACM 12 exhibited high per se performance and sca effect for eight traits. Significant gca effects and non significant sca effects were recorded in ACM 110 x ACM 11, ACM 110 x ACM 12, CO 2 x ACM 11 and CO 2 x PMK 332 and these could be used for recombination breeding.

Research Article