Adaptability of exotic genotypes of lentil (Lens Culinaris [medik]) for rainfed farming condition of Madhya Pradesh

  • Ashok Saxena, A.N. Tikle, S.Paliya R.P.Singh
Keywords: Lens culinaris, Cluster analysis, Genetic diversity, Correlation


One hundred  accessions from different lentil growing countries namely Egypt (17), Ethiopia, Iran (16), Iraq (3), Jordan (19), Lebanon (9), Morocco (15), Syria (20) and Turkey (20) were evaluated in the year 2012-13 for assessment of  yield and yield characters viz., plant height, 50% flowering, days to maturity, primary branches, secondary branches, total pods per plant, filled pods per plant, unfilled pods per plant, seeds per plant, 100 seed weight and yield per plant. The genotypes had wide range of yield per plant. The genetic variability was highest in the accessions of Morocco for seeds per plant and 100 seed weight. The Lebanon accessions have 56.2 percent variation for seed yield plant-1. The exotic accessions have high variability for seed yield plant-1 (40.03%), number of filled pods (39.58%),   total pods plant-1 (36.04%) and number of filled pods (39.58%). Germplasm has been grouped into 13 and 21 clusters as per group average and complete linkage basis. The clusters having single genotypes have higher inter cluster genetic distance than clusters having more than two genotypes. The genetic distance in the present germplasm is independent of geographical origin.


Research Note