Character association and path analysis of grain yield and yield components in Maize(Zea Mays L.)

  • S.V.V Prasanna Kumar D. Ratna Babu
Keywords: Maize, character association, path analysis, yield


An investigation was carried out to assess the character association and path analysis for nine characters viz., days to 50% tasseling, days to 50% silking, days to maturity, plant height, cob length, kernel rows per cob, 100-seed weight, protein content and grain yield per plant in 29 genotypes (twenty one hybrids, their seven parents along with a check 30-V-92). Association studies revealed that, six out of nine characters exhibited highly significant positive correlation with grain yield per plant. However, the traits 100-seed weight, cob length, plant height, kernel rows per cob, days to 50% silking and days to 50% tasseling were found to possess significant association in desirable direction with grain yield per plant at both genotypic and phenotypic levels. Path analysis studies revealed that 100-seed weight, plant height and kernel rows per cob showed true relationship by establishing significant positive association and direct effect on grain yield per plant.


Research Note