Correlation and path analysis for yield and yield contributing characters in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

  • H. A. Avinashe*, R. S. Shukla, Nidhi Dub Samidha Jaiwar
Keywords: Bread wheat, correlation, path coefficient, grain yield


Correlation analysis in wheat revealed that harvest index, biological yield per plant, spike length and test weight were positively and significantly associated with grain yield per plant. Path analysis revealed that spike density had the high positive direct effect on grain yield per plant followed by spike length, biological yield per plant, harvest index, days to maturity and test weight. Traits viz, spikelets per spike, days to heading, number of grains per spike had negative direct effect on grain yield per plant. Most of the other traits had indirect effect via spike length, plant height and test weight. Hence, these characters should be given more weightage in selection programme of high yielding genotypes in wheat.



Research Note