Performance of sorghum mutant lines for yield and quality of fodder under Udaipur conditions

  • Jogendra Singh Lata Chaudhary
Keywords: Sorghum, Mutant lines, Multicut forage type.


An investigation was carried out with multicut forage sorghum variety SSG 59-3 and its 15 mutants derived from gamma irradiation to identify the superior mutant genotypes for high fodder yield and quality in sorghum. Differences among the genotypes were found significant for all the quality traits and most of the yield traits studied at different cut(s). The mutant genotypes SSG 226 was the best performer for both quality and fodder yield and, another two mutant genotypes SSG 231 and SSG 222 was also good for fodder yield and quality, respectively but it perform poorer for vice-versa. The genotype SSG 226 produced green fodder yield (3.33, 1.52 and 0.95 g/plant/day) and dry fodder yield (1.03, 0.61 and 0.42 g/plant/day) at first, second and third cuts, respectively with crude protein (8.18) along with desirable lowest crude fibre (30.60) and highest ash content (8.39) at first cut. Taking a better variety in respect to fodder yield and nutritional contents, the genotype SSG 226 should be preferred over the tested mutant genotypes for forage purpose.


Research Note