Estimation of genetic variability, expected genetic advance, correlation and path analysis in field pea (Pisum sativum L.)

  • M.S. Jeberson, K.S. Shashidhar and K. Iyanar Directorate of Research Central Agricultural University
Keywords: Field pea, Genetic variability, GA, Correlation, Path analysis


The investigation was undertaken to estimate the genetic parameters for nine characters with 12 genotypes of field pea. Based on the mean performance, the genotypes HFP 1016, IPF-13-14, Prakash and Pant P 243 showed higher performance for yield suggesting that these genotypes can be used for breeding to evolve superior genotypes in the region. The analysis of variance shows large variability present among the genotypes studied. High to moderate GCV and PCV estimates and high heritability with high genetic advance as percent of mean were observed for the characters namely plant height, cluster/plant, seeds/pod, 100 seed weight and yield. The correlation coefficients revealed positive and highly significant association of yield with plant height, cluster/plant, pods/plant, pod length, seeds/pod and 100 seed weight. The pods/plant exhibited highly positive and direct effect on grain yield followed by pod length and days to maturity .Therefore these characters can be considered for selecting genotypes to improve the grain yield in the field pea.

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M.S. Jeberson, K.S. Shashidhar and K. Iyanar, Directorate of Research Central Agricultural University
Scientist, Directorate of Research
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