Identification of best heterotic cross combination from diallel crosses for grain yield and other agro-morphological traits in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

  • Pradeep Kumar svpua&t modipuram meerut
Keywords: Diallel cross, heterobeltiosis, bread wheat and grain yield


Heterosis over better parent for yield and its contributing traits were studied in a 10 x 10 half diallel mating design in bread wheat to identify the best heterotic cross combination. Highest magnitude of heterosis over better parent was observed in the cross K 9423 x NW 1014 (49.65), UNNAT-HALNA x HUW 560 (48.90) and K 7903 x HUW 560 (48.34) was recognized as the best heterotic crosses for grain yield and six other yield attribute. These individual crosses may be exploited in heterosis breeding programme for the improvement of grain yield and other traits according to the objective of breeding programme. The cross combinations namely UNNAT-HALNA x NW 1076 and Raj 3765 x HUW 560 were common for gluten content, grain yield per plant and also were graded for low phenol reaction. These cross combination may be exploited through heterosis breeding programme for improvement of grain yield with quality traits in bread wheat. Inclusion of lines with good combining ability in a national hybrid wheat programme may offer genetic improvement in breeding for higher yield and its component traits.

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Pradeep Kumar, svpua&t modipuram meerut
genetics and plant breeding
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