Studies on heterosis in blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper)

  • G. Thamodharan, S. Geetha, A. Ramalingam R. Ushakumari Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Keywords: Standard heterosis, Single plant yield, Line x Tester and Selection index


A field experiment was conducted with thirty hybrids of eleven parents (six lines and five testers in ‘Line x Tester’ mating design) along with a check variety ‘MDU 1’. The aim is to estimate the magnitude of economic heterosis which is considered for exploitation of hybrid vigour for higher yield and early maturity. Negative heterosis for three traits viz., plant height, days to 50 % flowering and days to maturity is desirable for early maturation of crop. Based on experimental results of this investigation four crosses viz., MDU 1/ VBN (Bg) 6, MDU 1/ PU 31, MDU 1/ Mash-114 and MDU 1/ Uttara had exhibited higher positive significant standard heterosis for eight yield and yield attributing traits in positive direction and negative heterosis for two traits viz., days to 50 % flowering and days to maturity. The presence of magnitude of standard heterosis was higher in these crosses for yield and yield attributes. Hence, exploitation of hybrid vigour could be done in these crosses and it might be helpful in the improvement of this crop.

Author Biography

G. Thamodharan, S. Geetha, A. Ramalingam R. Ushakumari, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Student (Ph.D Scholar)
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