Characterization and evaluation of north Indian clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub) germplasm collection

  • Deepak Arora, N.P.S. Dhillon and A.S.Sidhu
Keywords: Commonbean, variability, yield


Thirty genotypes of clusterbean were evaluated for horticultural traits to study the extent of variation in different agromorphological characters. Coefficient of variation was high for number of branches per plant, pod yield per plant, single poded clusters per plant, plant height and number of pods per plant. Considerable morphological variability among north Indian clusterbean landraces was identified which could be used as basis for genetic improvement programme. PCB-23, BR-112 and RGC-936 on account of better performance have been recommended for use in clusterbean improvement programme. Various economic characters needed to develop clusterbean ideotype have been discussed.
Research Note