Evaluation of some promising sweet potato clones for early maturity

  • B. Vimala and Binu Hariprakash
Keywords: Sweet potato, early maturity, , tuber yield, dry matter, day after planting


Early maturity studies were carried out with 8 high yielding clones for 3 seasons. The harvesting was done at 75, 90 and 105 days after planting (DAP). At 75 days, the yield of three clones ranged from 12 - 14 t ha-1 and at 90 days, 20 – 26 t ha-1. At 105 days, only one clone had higher yield. Dry matter content analysis indicated that it varied from 24 – 32% and 28- 38 % at 75 and 90 days. At 105 days no significant difference was observed in the dry matter. However, in some clones it was less than at 90 days. The yield and dry matter analysis at the early growth stages helps to screen a large number of progenies and to identify high yielding clones in a breeding programe. Considering the above factors, it is worthwhile to harvest the storage roots of most cultivars at around 90-100 days after planting.
Research Note