Validation of SSR markers linked to protein content in F5 recombinant inbred lines derived from BPT 5204 × HPR 14 rice cross

  • Ashwini Samak N.R., Shashidhar, N., Hanumareddy Biradar and Shailaja Hittalamani
Keywords: Rice, Grain protein content, Polymorphic markers, Phenotypic Variability, Graphical genotyping


Grain protein content is polygenic character in rice and plays very important role in human nutrition. The objective of this study was to validate already mapped markers associated to protein content in F5 Recombinant Inbred Lines of rice derived from BPT 5204× HPR 14 using Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. About 17 polymorphic primers were validated on selected F5 lines. In F5 generation, about 7 primers showed significant association with total grain protein content. Among 7 primers, RM520 showed 9.1 per cent phenotypic variability (R2) followed by RM206 with 8.75 per cent R2 in F5 generation. Selected 2 lines with high protein content were subjected to Graphical genotyping analysis using 63 microsatellite markers. Line number 73 represented 39.7 per cent of BPT parent, 56.4 per cent HPR parent and 4 per cent of heterozygote. This indicates high protein content was inherited from male parent. It could be due to samples were taken from a large population and also less number of polymorphic markers scanned on chromosomes and it needs to be fine tuned with more number of markers on the whole genome. Lines with high protein content can be used for further improvement programme to develop a suitable variety to feed the human with nutritious diet.
Research Article