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Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding (EJPB)

ISSN 0975-928X
NAAS Rating (2024): 5.60

Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding (EJPB) is an official online publication of Indian Society of Plant Breeders (ISPB) initiated in 2009. The main aim of this journal is to promote the general advancement of plant breeding and to create a forum to bring together and facilitate the exchange of information amongst plant breeders involved in the genetic improvement of agricultural, horticultural crops and forest trees. This journal is published as a quarterly with four issues (March, June, September and December) per year.

Articles in "Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding" are Open Access articles published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC License Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 International License .  This license permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium for non-commercial purposes only, provided the original work and source is properly cited. 

Current Issue

Vol 15 No 2 (2024): EJPB
Published: 02-07-2024

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