Analysis of grain quality characters of best F1 indica rice hybrids

  • M. Umadevi* and S. Manonmani Assistant Professor (PBG) FC&RI, Mettupalayam
Keywords: Rice, grain quality, CMS lines, indica rice hybrids, amylose content


Eighty F1 hybrid combinations were developed using eight CMS lines and 10 elite genotypes for the development of rice hybrids with desirable grain qualities. Among the eighty hybrids, 20 top yielding hybrids were identified for the assessment of grain quality characters. Eight hybrids viz.,  IR 72081 A x MDU 5 R, IR 72081 A x TP 1021 R, IR 75601 A x MDU 5 R, IR 80559 A x MDU 5 R, APMS 6 A x TP 1021 R and IR 72081 A x IR 62037 R, APMS 6 A x IR 62037 R, CRMS 32 A x IR 62037 R and seven parents viz., IR 72081 A, IR 80559 A, APMS 6 A, CRMS 32 A, MDU5 R, IR 62037 R, TP 1021 R possessed hulling percentage, milling percentage, head rice recovery, linear elongation ratio, intermediate gel consistency, alkali spreading value and amylose content with medium slender grain type.  These hybrids were found to be higher yield performers and coupled with good grain quality could be exploited commercially for grain yield and quality improvement.

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M. Umadevi* and S. Manonmani, Assistant Professor (PBG) FC&RI, Mettupalayam
Department of Tree Breeding
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