Evaluation and selection of potato hybrid clones (Solanum tuberosum) for yield and associated characters

  • R.P. Kaur Central Potato Research Institute
Keywords: Potato, selection, augmented block design


The present study was undertaken to evaluate advanced generation potato clones comprised 183 genotypes obtained from true potato seed, for early bulking towards high yields and associated characters for development of new varieties and selection of promising lines for different traits using augmented design. This approach provides a very efficient means of screening test entries with replicated controls, at early stages of breeding when propagating material is restricted. Based on the analysis H23 was identified to have a significantly larger number of leaves per stem. Number of stems per plant was observed to be significantly high in H14, H172 and H175. Significantly, lesser undersized tubers were observed for lines H98, H167, H28, H54 and H34. The lines H37 and H162 were identified to be significantly superior giving a marketable yield of more than 1.16 kg/ plant. These lines with significantly high yield are considered for release as varieties after conducting replicated evaluation and based on the desirable characters may be suitably considered as parents in succeeding crossing programmes.

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Evaluation and selection of potato hybrid clones Solanum tuberosum for yield and associated characters. 2017. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 8 1, 294-305. Retrieved from https://ejplantbreeding.org/index.php/EJPB/article/view/1176
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