Rice TKM 13: A high yielding medium duration fine grain variety

  • S. Banumathy, R. Saraswathi, A. Sheeba, R.Manimaran, E.Sumathi, M.Devanathan, G. Manickam, G.V. Ramasubramanian, R.Agila, T.Jayaraj, R.Rajendran Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Keywords: Rice TKM 13, fine grain, medium duration, grain quality, CVRC release


Medium duration fine grain rice culture TM 07275, a cross derivative of WGL 32100 / Swarna was released as Rice TKM 13 by State Variety Release Committee (SVRC) during 2015 as an alternate variety to BPT 5204. Rice TKM 13 is a semi-dwarf, erect, high tillering and non lodging variety and matures in 125-130 days. This variety is best suited for thaladi season (September sowing) of Cauvery delta region and samba season (August-September sowing) of other districts in Tamil Nadu. In the overall mean performance, the variety has recorded a overall mean grain yield of 5938 kg/ha in 159 locations which was 6.2 and 10.1 per cent increase over the check varieties CO (R) 49 (5592 kg/ha) and BPT 5204 (5390 kg/ha) respectively. It has medium slender fine grain with 1000 grain weight of only 13.8 g, which is lesser than all medium duration rice varieties. The rice is translucent with high milling (75.5%) and head rice yield (71.7%), which is on par with the check variety BPT 5204. Cooking quality and organoleptic characters are comparably similar to BPT 5204. It is moderately resistant to leaf folder, stem borer, GLH, blast, RTD, brown spot and sheath rot, which are its added advantages. In National trials conducted in 101 locations, TKM 13 has recorded a grain yield of 5201 kg/ha which was 11.2 per cent increase over the national check variety IR 64. Based on the superior performance, the variety was identified by Variety Identification Committee (VIC) for Central Variety Release Committee (CVRC) release in the western states viz., Gujarat and Maharashtra

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