Hybrid CO2 - A high yielding sunflower hybrid for Tamil Nadu

  • N. Manivannan, P. Vindhiyavarman, V. Muralidharan, R. Chandirakala, C. Gopalkrishnan, M.Suganthy and K. Thiyagarajan
Keywords: Sunflower, hybrid, Hybrid CO2, seed yield


The importance of hybrids in sunflower has increased recently because of their higher seed yield com­pared with cross-pollinated varieties. Hybrids of sunflower are more stable, highly self-fertile, with high yield performance, and more uni­form at maturity. Hybrid CO2 has been released as a high yielding sunflower hybrid suitable for Tamil Nadu during 2010.  This hybrid was tested in station trials, Multi-Location Trial, Adaptive Research Trial, AICRP trials and On Farm Trials.  Based on the overall performance, this hybrid has the potential of 1950 and 2230 kg/ha seed yield under kharif and rabi / summer situations respectively.  The yield increase over Sunbred 275 and TCSH 1 are 13.4 and 17.1 per cent respectively under kharif conditions. Similarly, in rabi / summer conditions, this hybrid out yielded Sunbred 275 and TCSH 1 by 12.9 and 15.9 per cent respectively. This hybrid has high oil content of 39.8 per cent on seed basis and high volume weight (48 g/100 ml).

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