Genetic variability in coconut (Cocos nucifera)

  • C. Natarajan, K. Ganesamurthy M. Kavitha
Keywords: Coconut, variability


Genetic variability analysis of morphological growth characters, nut yield and nut characters in twenty eight coconut
genotypes revealed a high degree of variability for nut yield, whole nut weight, dehusked nut weight and copra weight. Nut
yield exhibits positive correlation with number of functional leaves, length of leaves and petiole. Path coefficient analysis
revealed that the direct effect of number of functional leaves on nut yield was positive and high followed by petiole length
and leaf length. Thus, these characters are to be given importance for nut yield improvement in coconut.
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Genetic variability in coconut Cocos nucifera. 2010. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 1 5, 1367-1370. Retrieved from
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