Mc-3, A new small cardamom variety for hill zone of Karnataka

  • B.M.Dushyanthakumar*, S.Gangaprasad, M.Narayanaswammy,C.R.Ravishankar
Keywords: Cardomom, variety, yield


The Malabar variety of small cardamom Mc-3 was evaluated with checks: Mudigere-1 Mudgere-2 for yield and its attributing
characters at Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Mudigere, Karnataka and different locations during 2003 to 2007. Mc-3
showed better performance in both ancillary and capsule characters ( number of suckers per clump, number of productive
suckers, number of panicles per clump, panicle length, capsules per panicle ,number of flowers per panicle, oval or oblong shape
and bold type, capsule length and breadth , more number of seeds, light green, turning pale yellow on ripening). The mean dry
capsule yield data for three years revealed that clone Mc-3 recorded maximum dry capsule yield (312.75 kg/ha) compared to M-1
(233.59 kg/ha) and M-2 (236.36 kg/ha). As revealed by the yield data from the trials conducted at different locations, Mc-3
recorded 25% higher dry capsule yield compared to check M-2. The genotype Mc-3 exhibited tolerance to diseases and pests.
Therefore, it is found to be suitable promising variety under high elevation and high rainfall areas.
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