G × E interaction and stability of yield in paprika genotypes (Capsicum annuum var longum) in Tamil Nadu

  • S. Srividhya and V. Ponnuswami
Keywords: Paprika, Capsicum annuum var longum, stability, G × E interaction


Genotype × Environment interaction of five parents and four F1 hybrids along with check were grown in four diverse environments to study the genotype environment interaction and phenotypic stability for fruit yield and its components. Sufficient G × E interaction was exhibited by the genotypes for all the traits studied. Two genotypes Arka Abir, Arka Abir × Bydagi – kaddi were stable across environments because of their non-significant deviation from linearity. The hybrid Arka Abir × Bydagi – kaddi manifested above average performance accompanied by responsiveness around unity and was recognized
for general adaptability. This hybrid could be utilized in alternate breeding programmes to tap high yielding potentiality with
wider adaptability.
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G × E interaction and stability of yield in paprika genotypes Capsicum annuum var longum in Tamil Nadu. 2010. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 1 3, 297-300a. Retrieved from https://ejplantbreeding.org/index.php/EJPB/article/view/1944
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