Stability analysis for yield and quality traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)¬¬¬¬

  • S. M. Krupal, Rathod S. T. and Kamble B.
Keywords: Stability analysis, Wheat, yield per plant


Experiment was conducted with eleven varieties of wheat for fourteen qualitative and quantitative traits in three date of sowing with 15 days interval viz., 08th Nov. (Early sown as E1), 23rdNov. (Normal sown as E2), 08th Dec. (Late sown as E3) during Rabi-2016-17 season at Experimental Farm of Department of Agricultural Botany, College of Agriculture, Latur, Maharashtra. Highly significant variations due to genotypes against pooled error revealed the presence of genetic variability for all the traits except yield per plant under study. The component G x E interaction being highly significant indicated that genotypes interacted considerably to environmental conditions in different environments. The predominance of linear component would help in predicting the performance of genotypes across environment. For yield per plant the genotypes, MACS-6222, PBN-3958 and GW-480 exhibited higher mean, bi near to unity and non-significant deviation from regression line, that genotype was stable under all environments. However, the genotypes MP-1323 for number of tillers per plant and harvest index (%), MACS-6222 for protein content (%) were stable over all environment. November 23rd normal sown was the most optimum time of sowing for wheat crop.

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