CoPant 97222 – A High Yielding Mid Late Maturing Sugarcane Variety for North West Zone Areas

  • V.K. Tyagi, K.A. Khan and A.Q. Khan
Keywords: Sugarcane, cane yield, sugar yield, red rot.


The variety CoPant 97222 was developed from open pollinated cross on cultivar CoPant 84212 at Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore. It was evaluated against the check varieties Co 1148, CoS 767 and CoS 8436 for its performance under AICRP yield trials of North Western Zone from 2000-01 to 2003-04 in two plants and one ratoon crops at G. B. Pant Univ. of Agri.& Technology, Pantnagar. The clone CoPant 97222, recorded an average cane yield of 88.16 t/ha and sugar yield of 11.14 t/ha and thus found superior to the checks CoS 767 (72.70 and 8.81 t/ha) and (Co 1148 (78.27 and 9.23 t/ha) and CoS 8436 (71.33 and 8.88 t/ha) for cane and sugar yields respectively. The percent increase for cane yield t/ha of CoPant 97222 over checks CoS767, Co 1148 and CoS 8436 was 21.12, 12.78 and 23.80 respectively. The percent increase for sugar yield over checks also ranged from 21.17 to 26.00. Juice sucrose percent at harvest in CoPant 97222 was on par with CoS 767 and CoS 8436 but superior to Co 1148. The number of millable canes in CoPant 97222 were on par with CoS 8436 but cane length, cane diameter and cane weight were high in variety CoPant 97222 over the checks. This variety was resistant to Red rot under natural and artificial inoculated conditions. This variety CoPant had tall medium thick canes with erect growing habit and non lodging . It was released for cultivation in North Western Zone comprising of five states viz., Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, UP and Uttarakhand by Central Variety Release Committee, Government in the year 2006. This variety is performing excellent in the notified areas.
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