Genetic divergence study in advanced breeding lines of mungbean in tarai region

  • Hemant Sahu, Satyapal Singh, Jairam Amadabade and Anupam Barh
Keywords: Mungbean, genetic diversity, metroglyph analysis, germplasm


The present investigation was conducted with an objective to study genetic diversity available in 35 advanced breeding lines of mungbean for the identification of genetically diverse and agronomical superior breeding lines. Different morphological and economic traits like plant height, pods per plant, hundred seed weight, biological yield, seed yield and harvest index exhibited considerable genetic variability. Metroglyph analysis distributed mungbean genotypes into 14 and 12 clusters in kharif, 2011 and kharif, 2012, respectively. Cluster I evolved as a major cluster in kharif, 2011 and II as a largest cluster in kharif, 2012 with 19 genotypes each. Nodule volume contributed maximum towards genetic divergence 2011, whereas Nitrogen fixation in 2012. These characters were considered to be most important for the genetic diversity. Distribution of genotypes into different clusters, suggested the presence of substantial genetic divergence among the germplasm. The crosses between diverse parents are generally the most responsive for genetic improvement in mungbean.
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