Regeneration of industrial sugarcane using in-vitro plant apical meristem

  • A. Ajadi,
  • B. O. Ehirim,
  • M. N. Ishaq,
  • A. Isah,
  • A. Isong,
  • A. Ghali,
  • O. Kester,
  • A. N. Ejizu


A rapid micro-propagation of sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum variety NCS 008 using apical meristem shoots were cultured on MS medium supplement with different concentration of BAP (0.1-0.4mg/l) and NAA (0.01-0.04mg/l) for shoot proliferation and elongation. The study showed that highest number of regenerated shoots were obtained from MS medium supplemented with BAP (0.3mg/l) and NAA (0.03mg/l)giving an average of 8 shoot per meristem shoot cultured. Roots were induced using MS medium supplemented with different combinations of NAA and IBA. NAA (3.0mg/l) gave highest rooting percentage of 94.74. The meristem shoot tip demonstrated good response to plant regeneration of sugarcane variety NCS 008 through in-vitro culture


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Ajadi, A., Ehirim, B., Ishaq, M., Isah, A., Isong, A., Ghali, A., Kester, O., & Ejizu, A. (2018). Regeneration of industrial sugarcane using in-vitro plant apical meristem. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 9(4), 1342-1347. Retrieved from
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