Evaluation of new germplasm of Egyptian cotton (G. barbadense) through multivariate genetic component analysis

  • K.P.M. Dhamayanthi,
  • A. Manivannan, CICR,RS,Coimbatore
  • M. Saravanan


Five new diversified Gossypium barbadense germplasm accessions NGB-555, NGB-556, NGB-557, NGB-558 and NGB-559 with a check variety Suvin were studied for correlation coefficients, genetic component and path analysis at CICR, Regional Station, Coimbatore during Kharif season 2015-16. Significant differences were observed for plant height, days to 50% flowering, number of monopodia, number of sympodia, number of boll per plant, single boll weight, 2.5% span length, fibre strength, ginning percentage and seed cotton yield. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) depicted highly considerable and widespread differences among the cotton germplasm lines for all the studied attributes (P<0.01) except for GOT%. In Principal component analysis (PCA) four PCs with Eigen value > 1 contributed 60.423% of the variation amongst the investigated lines. Positive correlation between seed cotton yield and number of bolls, single boll weight, 2.5% span length, fibre strength, ginning percentage were found. Five yield components and 10 morphological traits of the five accessions were separated using ANOVA procedure and the Duncan’s multiple range test. The relationships between them and lint yield were investigated using correlation analysis and stepwise regression analysis. The results showed that there was statistically significant difference in bolls per plant and lint percentage for the three types, which increased with increasing lint yield. The Pearson’s correlation coefficients between them and lint yield were the highest. The direct path coefficient was the maximum for bolls per plant to lint yield. The direct path coefficient of number of sympodia per plant to lint yield was positive and significant at 0.05 levels. Considering diversity pattern and quantitative performance, the genotypes NGB-556 and NGB-558 were identified as promising accessions and could be utilized for efficient hybridization in cotton.

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A. Manivannan, CICR,RS,Coimbatore

Genetics and Plant Breeding

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