Analysis of a mutant population in groundnut

  • Venkatesh, B. N. Motagi, H. L. Nadaf, A. G. Vijayakumar and R. S. Bhat
Keywords: Groundnut, induced mutants, taxonomic and productivity traits, marker-trait association


Fifty three mutants derived from Dharwad Early Runner (DER), a true breeding variant from a cross between two Valencia varieties of groundnut were evaluated for taxonomic, productivity and quality traits for assessing its suitability to ascertain marker-trait association. Mutants were confirmed for subspecific changes. Sixteen independent mutants shared common taxonomic shift from DER type to that of ssp. hypogaea var. hypogaea. Seventeen and nine mutants showed taxonomic shift to ssp. fastigiata var. fastigiata and ssp. fastigiata var. vulgaris, respectively. Four mutants had a shift from var. fastigiata to var. vulgaris. Significant shifts both in positive and negative direction were observed for most of the productivity and quality traits along with resistance to late leaf spot and rust. Since these mutants are derived from a common source (Dharwad Early Runner), those contrasting for any trait are expected to differ for a small genomic region. Role of transposons being significant in groundnut mutations, genotyping such mutants with transposon-specific markers might reveal marker-trait associations useful for groundnut improvement.
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A. G. Vijayakumar and R. S. Bhat, V. B. N. M. H. L. N. (2014). Analysis of a mutant population in groundnut. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 5(4), 828 -833. Retrieved from
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